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Date of posting : December 1, 2016

Bahraini Academic : Any Violation of Morocco’s Territorial Integrity Is Violation of Arab Territory


“Any violation of the territorial integrity of Morocco is nothing but a violation of all the Arab territory”, Bahraini researcher Ahmed Saad Al-Bouaynayne said. “The decision of the withdrawal of Gulf countries from the 4th Arab-African Summit held in Equatorial Guinea, due to the presence of representatives of a puppet entity in the meeting rooms, was right”, the academic stressed in an article entitled “At the Arab-African Summit… We are all Moroccans,” published Sunday by daily “Akhbar Al Khalij”.

“This decision was a strong response to all those who wanted to muddy the waters and violate the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco on all of its soil”, he said. In his opinion, “turning a blind eye on the question of the territorial unity of Morocco and allowing the so-called Polisario to participate at the same table besides Arab countries is an inadmissible behavior that could lead to serious consequences in the future”.

The expert in international law and political science also revealed that this Arab position at the Arab-African Summit is an eloquent symbol of the unity of the common Arab destiny, as well as a clear illustration that the unity of Moroccan territory is, itself, an indivisible and integral part of the unity of the territory of the Arab world.