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Date of posting : October 18, 2016

41th Anniversary Announcing Green March, Landmark Event in Moroccan Hitstory

The Moroccan people celebrated Sunday the 41st anniversary of the announcement by late HM Hassan II of the Glorious Green March, the headlight date illustrates the genius of a King and the fidelity of a constantly mobilized people behind the Alawite Throne.
October 16, 1975 the late Sovereign announced this popular march that led to the recovery of the southern provinces, and just after the confirmation by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague of the existence of legal ties of allegiance between Sultans of Morocco and the Sahrawi tribes.
Confirmation that responded to a request made on December 13, 1974 by Morocco to the UN General Assembly to seize the ICJ for an advisory opinion on the legal aspect of the situation in the Sahara during its occupation by Spain.
In its opinion dated October 16, the ICJ ruled that the Sahara was never “Terra nullius” and that there were “legal ties of allegiance” between the territory and Morocco, bringing a sudden blow to the claims of the opponents of the territorial unity of Morocco who deny the existence of such links.
After reading this notice, which was a recognition of the legitimacy of Morocco’s claims to recover their looted territories, the late King Hassan II announced the same day, the organization of a peaceful Green March, a call which aroused strong mobilization that reflects the symbiosis between the Throne and the people.
The celebration of this landmark day reminds those unforgettable moments etched in golden letters in the annals of Morocco’s fight to recover the entirety of its territory where patriotic fervor has reached the pinnacle when, in his historic speech, the late Ruler announced the good news to his faithful people: “the whole world has recognized that the Sahara was in our possession for a long time, the world has recognized that there were links between Morocco and the Sahara that have been altered by the colonizer. “
The late Sovereign stressed that “it therefore remains for us to undertake a peaceful march from north to south (…) to get to the Sahara and reconnect with our brothers.”
The whole world remembers the spontaneous response of the Moroccan people to the call of his sovereign, since the lists of registered overflowed by far the set figure of 350,000 participants. Thousands of volunteers of both sexes flocked heavily for several days to answer the royal appeal, armed with their faith in God and the merits of their national cause.