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Date of posting : January 19, 2021

“Al Ittihad”: U.S. Recognition of Moroccanness of Sahara, Major Milestone in a Series of Moroccan Diplomatic Victories 

The recognition by the United States of America of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara is a major milestone in a series of diplomatic victories won by Morocco, Emirati newspaper “Al Ittihad” points out on Tuesday.

The U.S. decision thus consolidates the process aimed at resolving this artificial conflict in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, one of the most recent of which is resolution 2548 of October 30, 2020, the newspaper noted in an article published under the title “On the the Moroccan Sahara Issue”.

“This process is based on several principles, including the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom and the primacy of the Moroccan autonomy initiative in the Sahara”, the publication stresses.

The author of the article underscores the positive reaction of the international community regarding the Moroccan autonomy proposal, which it deems as serious, realistic and credible.

Following Morocco’s recent diplomatic successes, in particular with the U.S. recognition announced on December 10, the Sahara issue is no longer exposed in the same circumstances in which it has been throughout the past decades, the newspaper said, adding that this recognition is a “great diplomatic event”.

“The Moroccan diplomatic force has been consolidated by the opening of 19 Consulates of different countries in the cities of Laayoune and Dakhla, including the opening of a Consulate of the United Arab Emirates in Laayoune,” the publication recalls.