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Date of posting : March 27, 2018

Appropriations Bill Passed by US Congress Requires that Funds Appropriated for Morocco Shall be Made Available for Assistance in Moroccan Sahara

 The FY 2018 appropriations bill passed on Thursday by US Congress requires that funds appropriated under title III of this Act for Morocco shall be made available for assistance in the Moroccan Sahara.

These clear and unambiguous provisions reinforce the proposal adopted by the European Commission to negotiate with Morocco an amendment to the current Fisheries Partnership Agreement and a renewed protocol that include the Sahara.
These measures confirm that the development of the Kingdom of Morocco is consubstantial with that of all its territory including the Moroccan Sahara.
This development can only be achieved through international agreements and cooperation, which can only be concluded by the Kingdom of Morocco.
In addition, the appropriations bill passed by the US Congress asks the Secretary of State to submit a report, within 45 days, “describing the measures taken to strengthen the control of the delivery of humanitarian assistance to refugees in North Africa”, in a barely veiled reference to the populations in the Tindouf camps in Algeria.