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Date of posting : December 1, 2016

Crans Montana Forum : Dakhla City is Development Model for All Africa

The Crans Montana Forum is convinced that the city of Dakhla is a development model for all Africa, which testifies to the fact that Morocco is bearing the African torch for south-south cooperation, said, on Monday in Rabat, president of the forum Pierre-Emmanuel Quirin.

The forum third edition, slated March 16-21 under the theme “towards new Africa of 21 century”, will be a confirmation of the positioning of Dakhla on the international policy and business map as a unique and original place, where all successes become possible, said Quirin at a press conference to present the new edition to Moroccan and foreign media outlets.

While Morocco is preparing to return to the African Union, the ambitious Moroccan policies in the continent are echoing positively withing the forum which is willing to continue its commitment as part of sustainable cooperation, said the president of the forum.

Honorary president and founder of the Crans Montana Forum Jean-Paul Carteron underlined that this new edition will foster the forum presence in the city of Dakhla, which is on its way to become the economic capital of west Africa. “We are committed to promoting the image of Dakhla on the international scene,” he noted.