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Date of posting : May 3, 2018

Govt. Chief: Morocco Will Not Tolerate Any Attack on its National Fundamental Values


 Morocco, which has taken a firm position and decided to break off relations with Iran because of military support for the polisario separatists, will not tolerate any attack on its national fundamental values, said, Thursday in Rabat, head of government Saad Eddine El Othmani.

This decision is a clear message that Morocco cannot tolerate the violation of its national fundamental values or its sovereignty, stressed El Othmani who was speaking at the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Such questions require total firmness and HM King Mohammed VI’s position on this issue was firm, strong and rigorous, he said.

Regarding the Sahara issue, El Othmani described as fair the latest Security Council resolution, as it called on the separatists to preserve the character of the buffer zone, refrain from transferring administrative or other structures to Bir Lahlou and withdraw from Guergarat.

This resolution also testifies to the fact that the danger mentioned by Morocco was real and realistic, that there were provocations and violations and that the international community was listening to the Kingdom, which faced these aggressions firmly, El Othmani pointed out.