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Date of posting : November 7, 2015

Green March, one of most brilliant and strategic acts in 20th century, Lincoln Diaz-Balart

The Green March was one of the most brilliant and strategic acts in the 20th century as it has allowed to recover a territory which has been always an integral part of Morocco and it did it peacefully in an admirable way, former US congressman and president of the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Lincoln Diaz-Balart told MAP.

The whole nation was united behind the sovereign, late king Hassan II, to carry out this unprecedented act which is among the most brilliant and strategic acts in the 20th century, said Diaz-Balart who added that he was impressed by the huge strides made in the southern provinces in terms of development, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI.

These achievements prove, if necessary, that this part of the Kingdom and the well-being of its Sahrawi populations are a top priority for the sovereign, he said, adding that this royal solicitude is a tangible reality which we can observe on the field through the obvious amelioration of the populations’ living conditions and the implementation of large-scale structuring projects.

Lincoln Diaz-Balart underlined that the autonomy plan in the Sahara, under the Moroccan sovereignty, was supported by the three US administrations of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George W. Bush.