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Date of posting : November 12, 2020

Guergarate: Polisario’s Posturing is ‘Serious Violation” of Last Five Resolutions of UN Security Council

The blocking of the Guergarate passage by the Polisario separatists, the destruction of the road connecting the Moroccan and Mauritanian border posts and the provocations against members of the Royal Armed Forces are a serious violation of the last five resolutions of the UN Security Council.

According to a source close to the matter, these posturing, as well as the intimidation of MINURSO personnel, in particular by throwing stones at a helicopter which was flying over the area, seriously endanger the sustainability of the ceasefire and violate the last five Security Council resolutions, which urged the “Polisario” to respect the ceasefire and refrain from any act which may destabilize the situation or compromise the resumption of the political process.

The UN resolutions have also, and since Resolution 2414 adopted in 2018, called on separatists to immediately withdraw from the buffer zone of Guerguerate, the source recalled.

These are also acts of open mistrust against the UN Secretary-General, who has called on three occasions for the preservation of the freedom of civil and commercial movement in the buffer zone, the source noted, adding that the “polisario” does not hide its desire to torpedo international legality, through its calls for war and its open disdain for the UN Secretary General and MINURSO.

Morocco has so far shown the greatest restraint and wisdom in the face of this extremely serious situation, where an armed separatist group is engaged in acts of brigandry in an area of ​​the Moroccan national territory that is placed under the responsibility of the UN, the source underlined.

This attitude was welcomed by the members of the Security Council when resolution 2548 was adopted, and which calls on, for the fifth time, the “Polisario” to refrain from any act of destabilization in the area located at the east and south of the Moroccan defense system, the source said.

However, “Morocco will not accept a change in the status of the area east and south of the defense system, which is an integral part of Moroccan territory,” the source pointed out.

The Kingdom of Morocco draws the international community’s attention to the responsibility of the “polisario”, supported by Algeria, which created it and which continues to arm and finance it, the source concluded.