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Date of posting : January 16, 2018

King of Spain Sensitized to Attacks Committed by Polisario

King Felipe VI of Spain received, on Monday, president of the Canarian Association of Terrorism Victims (Acavite), Lucía Jiménez, who sensitized him to the attacks committed by the polisario in the Sahara during the colonial era and the situation of the victims who have not received any help since that time.

Jiménez was received by the Spanish leader on the sidelines of the award ceremony of Adolfo Suárez Human Rights Prize, awarded by the Spanish Terrorism Victims Foundation.

According to the Spanish paper “La Provincia”, King Felipe VI showed his interest in learning about the different aspects and issues that have not yet been solved for the widows and orphans of the victims of these attacks, notably the case of those who worked in the company Fosboucraa at the time when the Sahara was a Spanish colony.

The paper, citing Acavite, recalled that Morocco and Spain were linked at the time by an agreement of security, protection and assistance for Spanish skilled workers and their families directly affected by the attacks committed by the polisario on the Fosboucraa site between 1974 and 1977.