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Date of posting : January 7, 2018

Mass Vote by Chilean Deputies In Support of Autonomy Initiative Reflects Interest in Solution for Sahara Conflict, Chilean MP

The adoption by the Chilean Chamber of Deputies of a resolution in support of the Moroccan autonomy initiative reflects the interest this institution takes in the search for a solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, said Chilean MP Roberto Leon Ramirez.

This came in an interview Ramirez gave to the Moroccan news agency MAP.

This resolution, voted Wednesday by an overwhelming majority in the Chamber of Deputies in Valparaiso, shows the support of the deputies and the Republic of Chile for the Moroccan autonomy proposal in the Sahara, which was described by the United Nations and the entire international community as a “serious and credible initiative”.

It represents a very important decision for Chile following the multiple visits of Chilean deputies to Morocco and to its Southern Provinces, a region witnessing major changes and multiple development projects which will help with the birth of a new economic hub in the Kingdom, a leading country in Africa, he said.

This decision also reflects the great understanding between Chile and Morocco, which maintain strong bilateral relations covering several areas, including culture, trade and sport, the Chilean deputy added.

In this resolution, voted by 66 votes in favour, the Chilean MPs hailed the pre-eminence of the Sahara autonomy initiative presented by Morocco in 2007 with a view to putting an end to the long-running regional dispute.