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Date of posting : May 1, 2019

Moroccan Sahara: Polisario Must Understand That World Has Changed, Time of Separatism is Over, Ambassador

 The polisario and its mentors must understand that the world has changed and that the time of separatism is over, said, Tuesday in New York, Morocco’s permanent representative to the UN, ambassador Omar Hilale, recalling that autonomy remains the only solution to the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.

“Compromise is the only way to resolve this dispute, and autonomy is the only solution we can hope for,” Hilale said at a press conference at the UN headquarters following the adoption by the UN Security Council of resolution 2468 extending the mandate of Minurso for six months.

The Moroccan ambassador urged the polisario to turn the page on rhetorical discourses and ideological positions, and remember that “we are in the year 2019 and not in the 1970s”. “The world has changed and the time of separatism is over,” said Hilale.

The Moroccan Ambassador noted that the Security Council reiterated, in resolution 2468, its injunction to the Polisario to comply with its resolutions 2414 and 2440 and to respect its commitments to the UN Secretary-General Personal Envoy of not returning to the Guergarate buffer zone and not moving its so-called facilities to the zone east of the defense structure in the Moroccan Sahara.

The reiteration of these injunctions are a new warning, from the Council to the Polisario, that its continued violations and provocations not only threaten regional peace and stability, as the Secretary General noted in his report, but also risk jeopardizing the political process, Hilale concluded.