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Date of posting : April 1, 2016

Morocco Denounces UN Secretariat Hostile Campaign

Morocco’s permanent representative to the UN, ambassador Omar Hilale denounced on Thursday the hostile campaign of the United Nations Secretariat.

Hilale expressed Morocco’s consternation regarding the leaking of the UN Secretary-General letter’s addressed to HM King Mohammed VI.

“We have received the letter the day before yesterday and twenty-four hours later it was leaked to some stakeholders, which is contrary to the UN ethics and against diplomatic practices,” Hilale told the press.

Tackling the UN Secretary-general’s unacceptable actions during his recent visit in the region, the diplomat said “we have unfortunately found that the office of the United Nations spokesman is instrumentalized in a media campaign against Morocco.”

This behavior “is contrary to UN practices,” he stressed.

Hilale also cited the distortion of Minurso’s mandate and the mention of the referendum during the visit of Ban Ki-moon in the region, adding that the Security Council and the Assembly general have stopped talking about it since 2004 and 2007 respectively.

Morocco “remains at the disposal of the United Nations regarding the military component of MINURSO,” the ambassador noted, praising “the good cooperation” between this component and the local Moroccan authorities.

The Moroccan diplomat made it clear in this context that “the latest report of the UN Secretariat said that Minurso’s military component is working under normal conditions.”

31 March 2016