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Date of posting : October 9, 2020

Sahrawis Reject Polisario’s Threats to Peace

The Sahrawis categorically reject the provocations and threats of the polisario and its Algerian mentor against peace and stability in the region, wrote Thursday the Peruvian news website Prensa21.

From southern Morocco, exactly from the city of Dakhla, the Sahrawis democratically elected continue to vigorously denounce the creation of a puppet entity hostile to the sovereignty of Morocco, in defiance of the feelings of the entire Moroccan people, said the Peruvian media.

In this regard, the news website noted that elected officials in the southern provinces of Morocco see the actions of the polisario as provocations that constitute a critical turning point that could undermine the efforts of the United Nations to reach a consensual political solution to this artificial regional dispute, referring to the statement recently issued by the Council of the region of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab at the end of its regular session in October.

Furthermore, the same source added, the Council expressed its total rejection of the separatists’ attempts to change the situation in the buffer zone, which are likely to undermine the process of resolving this artificial conflict and the efforts of the UN Secretary General and the international community in this regard.

The Peruvian media also noted that the Council affirmed that “such desperate attempts will only further strengthen our attachment to the Moroccan Sahara and our commitment to the democratic process and the pioneering development model launched by HM King Mohammed VI in the southern provinces of the Kingdom”.

The news website noted that this position is part of a mobilization of the population of the southern provinces of Morocco against the moves of separatists, recalling that the Shioukhs (tribal leaders) and notables of the Sahrawi tribes have again denounced the desperate provocations recently conducted by the enemies of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity.

The Sahrawis stressed that “the desperate maneuvers of the +polisario+ are aimed at jeopardizing the stability and development dynamics that the region is experiencing through attempts to obstruct civil and commercial traffic and freedom of movement in the El Guerguerat post-border,” said the same source.