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Date of posting : February 16, 2021

Spanish Political Expert Threatened with Death by Polisario Takes Matter to Court

Spanish political expert Pedro Ignacio Altamirano, known for his positions defending the Moroccan Sahara, has received death threats via social networks from two fanatics of the polisario.

Horrified by the aggressive and criminal nature of these acts, Altamirano filed a complaint through his lawyer to the investigating judge of the Malaga court.

“The facts are extremely serious because they constitute very serious threats against my client Altamirano who is threatened with death,” said the lawyer in his complaint, noting that the positions and statements of the Spanish political expert on the issue of Moroccan Sahara are behind the reaction of these two elements of the polisario.

The defense of the Spanish political expert calls for the prosecution of these individuals for death threats and defamation.

“Faced with the diplomatic victories achieved by Morocco and in the wake of the recent developments which reinforce the Kingdom’s position regarding its southern provinces, the polisario is using violence and threats in a vain attempt to intimidate the voices telling the truth about the situation in the Sahara,” Altamirano told MAP, adding that the perpetrators of these threats must be prosecuted in Spain or elsewhere.

“As an advocate of peace in the world, I have expressed my position regarding the Sahara issue. I have repeatedly said that the polisario is adrift and does not represent the Sahrawis,” he stated. “Such statements disturb the polisario and those who support it, especially in Spain, and expose their lies.”

These threats reflect the desperation of the polisario henchmen and their leaders and expose the criminal methods used by these mercenaries who engage in cowardly acts to divert attention from the failure of the separatist thesis.

The latest demonstration of this propensity to crime is the heinous attack in November against Morocco’s Consulate in Valencia. The despicable act was condemned by the Spanish government, the regional executive of Valencia, and all political forces in Spain.