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Date of posting : April 30, 2018

UN Security Council Reinforces Morocco’s Position and Firmness Towards ‘Polisario’ Recent Provocations 

Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations, ambassador Omar Hilale said, Friday at UN headquarters, that Security Council resolution 2414 on the renewal of the Minurso mandate “reinforces Morocco’s position and firmness towards the recent provocations of +polisario+ to the east of the security structure and in the buffer zone of Guergarat”, noting that the Council “has acted with firmness, responsibility and concern to impose the law, in accordance with its mandate for peacekeeping and security in the world”.

Thus, the Security Council “gave its frank and strong support for Morocco’s dual demands,” said Hilale at a press conference following the adoption of the Security Council resolution, adding that the United Nations executive body had “urged +polisario+ to withdraw immediately from the Guergarat buffer zone”. In this regard, he recalled that “Secretary General Antonio Guterres made the same request in his recent report to the Council last month”.

Ambassador Hilale also noted that the Council “ordered the +polisario+ separatists to refrain from transferring their so-called administrative structures from the Tindouf camps in Algeria to Bir Lahlou, east of the security structure, maneuvers which it described as destabilizing to the region”.

Hilale noted that “the executive body of the United Nations has used extremely strong language against the +polisario+ separatists, in order to put an end to these serious provocations in these two areas”.

“The Security Council, both in its deliberations today and last week, as well as in the provisions of its resolution, has categorically rejected the attempts of the +polisario+ separatists to change the realities on the ground, which the Council considers to be a violation of the ceasefire, and a serious threat to the political process that the Secretary General’s Personal Envoy, Mr Horst Köhler, is actively engaged in relaunching,” stressed Omar Hilale.

“The +polisario+ separatists have been clearly ousted by the international community for their destabilizing provocations in the region,” he said. “From now on, they no longer have a choice: either they comply with the demands of the Security Council and withdraw, or they assume the serious consequences that will result from their actions outside the law”.

On the other hand, “the Security Council has expressed its gratitude to the Kingdom of Morocco by highlighting its restraint and measured response to the violations of +polisario+,” Omar Hilale said, adding that “this is an eloquent testimony from the Security Council of the serenity and high degree of responsibility that Morocco has shown in recent weeks. “It is, above all, a mark of confidence emanating from the international community, with regard to the enlightened and determined policy of HM the King, Valiant Guarantor of the preservation and defense of Morocco’s inalienable rights over its Sahara,” he said.

“Another reason for Morocco’s satisfaction with the Security Council resolution is the additional and urgent request to Algeria to fully assume its imprescriptible and leading responsibilities in the Sahara regional dispute,” he went on, noting that “the Council has, indeed, asked it, in a new paragraph, and I quote + to increase its commitment to the negotiation process and to fulfill its special and essential role in supporting the political process+”.

This demand of the Security Council, noted ambassador Hilale, is “a logical response to Algeria’s direct involvement, for 4 decades, in the Sahara issue.”