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Date of posting : April 21, 2018

Washington: Govt. Spokesperson Unveils Fallacious Untruths of Enemies of Morocco’s Territorial Integrity

 Deputy minister for Relations with Parliament and Civil Society, government spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi unveiled, at a meeting held Friday at the National Press Club in Washington, the fallacious untruths and allegations spread by Morocco’s enemies about the reality of the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.

During his presentation as part of this meeting initiated by the Moroccan-U.S. network under the theme: “the consequences of fake news”, El Khalfi explained how this kind of information leads to the adoption of unsustainable stantes that hinder the settlement of several issues, including that of the Moroccan Sahara, giving examples of false statements that distort the truth or prevent a final settlement of this artificial conflict.

One of the untruths is that the area east of the Sahara defense structure is a “liberated zone”, whereas it is an area under the responsibility of the United Nations represented by the MINURSO.

This is a real example of separatist propaganda that seeks to disseminate data “alleging that the sand walls are walls of separation while they have defense and security objectives and played an important role in the stability and effectiveness of the implementation of the ceasefire agreement, and subsequently in the fight against drug trafficking, smuggling, and terrorist and extremist networks,” he said.

The minister also refuted the allegation that the Sahara population is excluded from the management of the region’s affairs, stressing that regular elections take place in the region, in addition to a general population census in accordance with UN standards.

According to El Khalfi, who was speaking before Moroccan and U.S. journalists, university professors and legal experts, false statements include the fact that the polisario front is the representative of the Sahara population.

In this regard, he stressed that these remarks are totally unfounded, because the majority of this population is in the Moroccan Sahara and not in the Tindouf camps, where there is no free elections to choose representatives. “The only elections that exist are those held in the Moroccan Sahara in the presence of international observers and with a high turnout,” he underlined.

Regarding the untruth that Algeria is showing neutrality in the conflict over the Sahara, the minister stressed that this country arms the polisario, shelters it, supports it financially and stands up against any solution.