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Date of posting : September 13, 2017

Cape Verde Supports Morocco’s ECOWAS, CPLP Membership

Cape Verde supports Morocco’s adherence to the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), said, Monday in Rabat, Cape Verde’s foreign minister Luis Filipe Tavares.

“Cape Verde will assume next year the CPLP presidency and we will do our best to make Morocco an associate member of this community”, Tavares told the press following a meeting with state secretary for foreign affairs Mounia Boucetta.

This is an important matter for Morocco and Cape Verde, he said, assuring that his country will support this candidacy as well as the adherence to ECOWAS.

“We have always supported Morocco within international bodies as the AU and the UN, and we will keep doing so to help the Kingdom fully play its role under the Union and its related bodies,” he added.

Tavares commended the bilateral ties based on mutual trust and underlined that his country wants to reinforce the presence of Moroccan businessmen in Cape Verde in areas such as agriculture, tourism and renewable energy.

He also voiced the wish to receive HM King Mohammed VI in Cape Verde.

Boucetta described the talks with Tavares as very fruitful and marked by an open dialogue which testify to the good relations between the two parties.