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Date of posting : May 14, 2018

Dominica’s FM: Settlement of Conflict over Moroccan Sahara Will Contribute to Better Regional Integration 

 The settlement of the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara will contribute to better regional integration, said, Friday in Rabat, Foreign minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Francine Baron.

“We believe that our country must give more support for the Moroccaness of the Sahara,” Baron said at a joint press briefing with minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasser Bourita, adding that settling the conflict will lead to better integration in the region.

The Commonwealth of Dominica and other Caribbean countries have strong relations with Morocco and consider it as a friend and strong partner, she said.

Baron also said that her discussions with Bourita had provided an opportunity to review issues of common interest that generate political commitment of both sides.

“Morocco was among the first countries to provide us with humanitarian aid and assistance after the devastating Hurricane Maria, which caused enormous damage,” Baron said, expressing her gratitude to the Kingdom.

For his part, Bourita said that the meeting reviewed bilateral relations, which have evolved considerably since the withdrawal, in 2010, of the Commonwealth of Dominica’s recognition of the pseudo “rasd”.

The opening of the Moroccan embassy in Saint Lucia testifies to the strengthening of relations with this country in particular and the Caribbean region in general, he stressed, noting that these links can be further consolidated.

“Of the 14 CARICOM (Caribbean Community) member countries, only one did not recognize the pseudo “rasd” in 2010. Today and thanks to efforts aimed at strengthening relations with the countries of this region, 11 countries have withdrawn their recognition of this puppet entity,” noted Bourita, praising in this regard “the major role played by the Commonwealth of Dominica in promoting the just cause of Morocco”.

The meeting was also an opportunity to identify new areas of partnership for the coming years, particularly in the areas of agricultural, tourism, services and in terms of diplomatic consultation, Bourita said, recalling the signing in 2013 with the Commonwealth of Dominica of a bilateral partnership roadmap covering several sectors.

Morocco was among the first countries to offer humanitarian aid and support for the Commonwealth of Dominica after Hurricane Maria so that it could cope with the disaster and rebuild part of what was destroyed, the minister recalled, highlighting the active solidarity on which relations between the two countries are based.