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Date of posting : November 2, 2020

Egyptian Newspaper: Attempts of Those Who Cast Doubt on the Moroccanity of the Sahara Will Be Vain

The Sahara is without a doubt a Moroccan land and the attempts of those who negate this reality or cast doubts on its Moroccanity will be vain, as always, writes Egyptian newspaper “Al Masry Al Yaoum”.

In an article entitled “Laayoune of Morocco”, the newspaper points out that observers of the Moroccan Sahara issue are aware that there are still parties who dispute the Moroccanity of the Sahara and keep stirring up this issue in an attempt to use it as an Achilles heel to destabilize the Kingdom of Morocco.

Al Masry Al Yaoum recalls the decision of the United Arab Emirates to open a consulate in Laayoune, stressing that this move was very favorably received by Morocco and HM King Mohammed VI.

The UAE approach comes at the right time to draw the attention of Arab countries that eight African states have opened their consular representations in Laayoune and that seven others have inaugurated their consulates in Laayoune.

The very essence of Abu Dhabi’s decision is an appeal to all Arab countries to follow this path to block the way to those who continue to exploit the Sahara issue, the newspaper underscores, noting that Arab countries greatly need this kind of approach to turn “our capitals” into an impenetrable bulwark against schemes coming from all sides.