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Date of posting : March 31, 2016

Foreign Policy: Autonomy plan is ‘reasonable compromise’ for Sahara issue

The autonomy plan in the Sahara, under the Moroccan sovereignty, is a reasonable compromise that accounts for most of the interests of all parties, wrote US magazine “Foreign Policy”, underlining that the “map of the Horn of Africa is filled with turmoil, much of it caused by the two new nations.”

To be blunt, independence would be a disaster, much like Eritrea and South Sudan have become, said Lester Munson, author of the article entitled “Just Say No to Another Failed State in Africa.”

The writer underlined that, due to the infeasibility of a referendum and at the “urging of several nations, including the United States, Morocco has put forward a plan for an autonomous region in the Sahara, under the sovereignty of Morocco.”

Recently and following controversial blunders made by UNSG Ban Ki Moon during his latest visit to the region, the international community was prompted “to take the sensible step of communicating to the Polisario and Algeria that independence is not a viable option, and that it should accept Morocco’s offer of autonomy,” he added.

Recalling that both Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush noted that “genuine autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty is the only feasible solution” to the Sahara issue, underscored that Morocco, “which was the first nation to recognize the United States in 1777, is one of our oldest and closest friends. It was a staunch ally of the United States in the Cold War, and is now a key Arab nation in the fight against terror and radical extremism.”
30 March 2016