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Date of posting : October 9, 2017

Gabon Supports Moroccan Autonomy Plan in the Sahara

Gabon reiterated on Friday in New York its support for Morocco’s autonomy plan, an initiative which offers “reassuring prospects” not only to break the current deadlock but also to reach a final settlement of the Sahara issue.
Speaking before the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly, Gabon’s representative, Lilly Stella Ngyema Ndong, stressed that her country welcomed the measures that the Kingdom of Morocco has undertaken in the areas of human rights and development in the Sahara region, which is experiencing “significant economic and social development”.
She also welcomed the holding of municipal and regional elections in September 2015 and parliamentary elections in October 2016, during which the inhabitants of the Sahara region voted in large number.
“We encourage, as recommended by the Security Council resolution 2351, all countries in the region to cooperate and join efforts to ensure stability and socio-economic development,” she said.
The involvement of all parties will help to minimize the risk of destabilization caused by terrorist activities and will strengthen stability and security in the Sahel region, she noted.