When Morocco received its independence and recovered its sovereignty, the decolonisation process with France and Spain would take different paths. From France, Morocco recovered all territories which were under the Protectorate in 1956. However, with Spain the process was different, because the territories under its protectorate were scattered across Morocco.

Recovery of these territories was achieved gradually: the North re-joined in 1956, Tangier in April 1956, Tan Tan and Tarfaya in 1958, Sidi Ifni in 1969. Finally, the Sahara was recovered as a consequence of the Green March in 1975, which created a symbiotic relationship between the Alawite throne, the Sahrawi populations and all Moroccan people. However, while decolonisation in Morocco was long and difficult, the process was always peaceful and followed the path of cordial dialogue and negotiations with neighbouring Spain. As all the territorial obstacles imposed by the Protectorate Treaty came to an end, the process of decolonisation in Western Sahara was over.