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Date of posting : January 31, 2017

HM the King Highlights Strong Bilateral Relations between Morocco and African Countriesa

Strong bilateral relations “have been significantly developed” between Morocco and Africa over the last years, HM the King pointed out here on Tuesday in a speech at the 28th African Union Summit.

Since 2000, Morocco has signed nearly a thousand agreements with African countries, in various fields of cooperation, the Sovereign pointed out, noting that “between 1956 and 1999, 515 agreements were signed, whereas 949 agreements have been signed since 2000 – in other words, almost twice as many!.”

“During this period I, personally, was keen to give fresh impetus to this action, by making more visits to various African sub-regions,” the Monarch said, adding that “on each of the 46 visits I paid to 25 African countries, numerous agreements were signed involving the public as well as the private sector.”

“My action has been particularly geared towards the field of training, which is at the heart of my country’s cooperation with sister nations,” HM the King stressed.

“This has enabled a number of African students to continue their higher education in Morocco, thanks to the thousands of scholarships given to them,” the Sovereign noted.