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Date of posting : January 31, 2017

HM the King : Major Strategic Projects set up during Royal Visits to African Countries

HM King Mohammed VI said here on Tuesday that major strategic projects were set up during his visits to African countries, particularly in the areas of energy and food security.

“Major strategic projects were set up during my visits to these countries. Firstly, I had the pleasure of launching the Africa Atlantic Gas Pipeline project with my brother, His Excellency Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” the Sovereign recalled in a speech at the 28th African Union Summit.

“This project will of course allow natural gas to be transported from gas-producing countries to Europe. But more than that, it will benefit the whole of West Africa,” the Monarch pointed out, adding that this project “will contribute to creating a regional electricity market and be a substantial source of energy which will help develop industry, improve economic competitiveness and speed up social development.”

“The project will thus create wealth for neighboring countries and populations, generating crucial momentum that will stimulate the emergence and the development of parallel projects,” HM the King stressed.

“Moreover, it will help build more peaceful bilateral and multilateral relations and thus create an environment conducive to development and growth,” the Sovereign added.

“Secondly, as part of projects aimed at improving agricultural productivity and promoting food security and rural development, fertilizer production plants have been set up with both Ethiopia and Nigeria,” HM the King said, noting that “these projects will benefit the continent as a whole.”

“As we know, basic food needs cannot be met with gas or oil. But is not food security the major challenge facing Africa?,” HM the King added, noting that “this is the objective of the initiative for the Adaptation of African Agriculture, or Triple A Initiative, which we promoted during the COP22.”

According to the Sovereign, this initiative “is an innovative and extremely concrete response to the common challenges posed by climate change.”

“As soon as it was launched, the initiative was backed by some thirty African countries,” HM the King said, noting that the “Triple A Initiative” is aimed at providing more significant funding for the Adaptation of small-scale African Agriculture and will also support the structuring and acceleration of agricultural projects in Africa through four programs.

These programs include rational management of soils, sustainable management of agricultural water, climate-related risk management and solidarity-based funding for promoters of small projects, the Sovereign said.

“The initiative was also one of the main axes of the Africa Action Summit, which I had the privilege of chairing last November in Marrakesh,” HM the King added.