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Date of posting : November 7, 2015

HM the King pardons exceptionally 4,215 inmates on 40th anniversary of Green March

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Green March, HM King Mohammed VI granted his pardon, exceptionally, to 4,215 inmates in penitentiaries, said on Thursday the ministry of Justice and Liberties in a statement.

The 4,215 prisoners benefiting from the royal pardon are divided into:

– 3,539 inmates who were granted pardon over the remaining prison sentences, including 69 humanitarian cases, 215 originating from the southern provinces and 561 inmates holding diplomas or training certificates.

– 639 prisoners who had their prison sentences reduced, divided into 218 originating from the southern provinces and 421 convicts holding diplomas or training certificates.

HM the King also agreed, in a noble royal initiative mirroring national unity and full citizenship, to grant his pardon to 37 prisoners involved in extremism and terrorism cases.

This royal gesture came in response to the repeated pardon requests by the said inmates since 2005 and which were not approved until this exceptional occasion, after they officially expressed their attachment to the Nation’s immutable sacred values and institutions, reviewed their ideological orientations, rejected extremism and terrorism and showed good conduct during their incarceration, said the ministry.

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