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Date of posting : April 7, 2018

Malian FM Says Moroccan Autonomy Plan ‘Serious and Credible’

 Malian Foreign Minister Tiéman Hubert Coulibaly said, Thursday in Rabat, that “the autonomy project has been deemed serious and credible by several UN resolutions”, adding that “it is appropriate to continue in this way to resolve this dispute amicably, with no clashes or violence”.

Mali adopts “a position of constructive neutrality” over the Moroccan Sahara issue and hopes for a peaceful solution to this conflict, said the Malian minister in a statement to the press after his talks with Foreign minister Nasser Bourita.

He added that his country supports the UN process for resolving this dispute and wishes that this process continues.

The Malian official called for continuing “the UN process that has been running for so long”, voicing the hope of his country to see the closure of this issue and the prevalence of peace in the continent.

Such disputes are a waste of resources and energies, and divert governments from the true mission of developing countries and ensuring that the continent lives in peace, he said.

The Malian official also expressed gratitude to Morocco for its support to Mali’s peace and stabilization process.