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Date of posting : October 9, 2017

Moroccan Sahara Indisputable Historical Legitimacy Highlighted Before UN 4th Committee

The Sahara conflict’s historical details, which indisputably confirm the Moroccan identity of this territory, were highlighted before the UNGA 4th Committee, by professor André Grimblatt from the Paris-Sorbonne university.
The Moroccan Sahara issue is one of the oldest conflicts in contemporary history due to the hostility facing Morocco’s legitimate and historical right over the Sahara, said Grimblat.
He recalled that, in 1975, the international court of justice (ICJ) recognized the fact that the Sahara was not “a no man’s land territory before the Spanish colonization, confirming the existence of legal and allegiance ties between Morocco and Sahrawi tribes.”
In 2007, and after the situation was deadlocked for so long, Morocco submitted an autonomy project, “the fruit of a consultation process at the national and local levels,” he noted, concluding that this project offers a just and realistic solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue.