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Date of posting : April 7, 2018

Morocco Wants to Settle Moroccan Sahara’s Current Situation Differently Than Guergarate’s, Official

 Morocco wants to settle the current situation east of the defence wall in the Moroccan Sahara in a different way than what happened in Guergarate, said, Thursday in Rabat, minister delegate for relations with parliament and civil society, government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi.

This concerns the building of military facilities in the zones of Bir Lahlou and Tifariti, the transfer of structures of the so-called republic and the altering of the legal and historical status east of the defence wall in the Moroccan Sahara to the borders, said the minister at a press briefing following the weekly cabinet meeting, noting that these movements constitute a direct prejudice to the Kingdom’s territorial integrity.

He added that the frontiers with Algeria are legal borders and that the wall is a security defence structure, underlining that the UN, the UNSC and the influential powers are urged to shoulder their responsibilities towards the current situation and put an end to this violation, otherwise Morocco will be compelled to take decisive decisions and necessary measures to maintain the status quo.

Through these manoeuvres, the polisario intends to turn Bir Lahlou and Tifariti into permanent installation zones and a centre for its official relations, said the minister, noting that the separatist movement wrote to the UN in this regard and that satellite photos show these movements and provide concrete proofs on the breach of the ceasefire and the threat to security in the region.

Morocco has always informed the UN of any violation of the ceasefire in the region, he said, recalling the first message by late HM Hassan II to the UNSG at the time and warning of the abnormal situation that violates the legal status.

He also recalled the message sent by HM King Mohammed VI to the UN chief Antonio Guterres, which was handed Wednesday at the UN headquarters in New York by foreign minister Nasser Bourita and in which the sovereign expressed, on behalf of the country’s lifeblood, irrespective of their backgrounds, Morocco’s firm and resolute rejection of these provocations and unacceptable incursions.