The agricultural sector in the Sahara region is oasis kind. Its mainly based on animal pastoral production-type associated with activities of irrigated agriculture in the oases.

Farmers, who are mostly breeders, are engaged in camel breeding in most of the Southern provinces of Morocco. This breeding is mainly nomadic nature but which tends towards settling around oases and major urban areas.

In the Sahara, useful agricultural area are vast. The courses are the main component of the farming system in the region dominated by camel breeding, vegetables and growing hay.

The livestock sector is dominated by dromedaries, accounting for 67% of the national camel herds. For the other animals, we have around 380,000 heads of goats, 300,000 head of sheep and 1,100 head of cattle. The région contains also 30 poultry units.

Since returning to the motherland in 1975, the Sahara region has witnessed the implementation of several development programs and the development of important infrastructures.

These programs mainly concerned of irrigation development projects aimed at improving irrigation, agricultural development and rural development for the enhancement of agricultural production, the registration development infrastructure, geodesy and topography as well as the establishment of support services to agricultural development and installation of plants of milk and its derivatives.