Since the recovery of its southern provinces, Morocco has embarked on the establishment of industrial units in all regions of the Sahara with the aim to develop a dynamic in these regions in order to contribute to the development of the Sahara and to create job opportunities for the stability of the populations in urban areas.

Despite the distribution of industrial zones in all regions of the Sahara, there is a disproportion between the different industrial regions of the Sahara because of the resources and infrastructure available in each region.

Unlike other cities in the southern provinces, Laayoune has a large industrial zone. This is due to the infrastructure available to the capital of the Sahara. On the one hand the port of El-Marsa offers a great opportunity for investors especially in the transport of goods, on the other hand the port allowed the creation of an industrial zone linked to its activity.

Fish processing industries and phosphate, food processing and storage of petroleum products are the main activities of the industrial zone of the city of Laayoune. Other industrial areas were established near the port of Dakhla, while work is underway for the construction of new industrial zones.