The recovered of the Sahrawi provinces offer a variety of landscapes from sand dunes, beaches, palm oases to canyons fabulous in addition to the rock carvings, camel races, cultural festivals, and religious zaouiyas.

The tourist attractions available to the region formed the basis for potential tourism industry in the Sahara. These benefits have managed to attract significant domestic and foreign tourism investment, particularly through the construction of hotel units, tourist centers, villages and tourist residences.

Aware of the importance of tourism as a real driving force of economic and social development, the State encourages the construction of tourist infrastructure at the Khnifes’s Lagoon, berries of Dakhla and Lagouira as well as a several oases of the Sahara .

In addition, there is support for tourist activities such as festivals, moussems and cultural and artistic events as well as sports events including air rally (Toulous- Tarfaya-Saint Louis) and other rallies.