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Date of posting : January 19, 2018

Panamanian Newspaper: Chilean Parliament’s Support to Morocco’s Autonomy Plan, ‘Blow’ to Polisario’s Allegations 

The resolutions adopted recently by the two houses of the Chilean parliament in support of Morocco’s autonomy plan struck a blow to the false allegations put forward by the Polisario Front, Panamanian newspaper ‘La Estrella’ pointed out.
Chilean Parliament’s Support to Morocco’s Autonomy Plan, ‘Blow’ to Polisario’s Allegations (Panamanian Newspaper)
19 January 2018
The paper said, in an article published on Thursday, that the stance of the Chilean parliament belies the Polisario’s allegations, noting that the self-determination referendum claimed by the separatist front became inapplicable over the years.

The publication recalls that the Chilean Senate underlined in a resolution adopted on Jan. 9, 2018, that the broad autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom to settle the dispute over the Sahara leads to a “win-win situation” and enables the Sahara’s population to manage their affairs in a democratic, inclusive and participatory manner.

For its part, Chile’s National Congress stressed in a resolution adopted on Jan. 3, 2018, that the Moroccan initiative is “a serious and credible effort, which will undoubtedly enable the Sahara population to exercise their right to self-determination, by democratically managing their own affairs through legislative, executive and judicial bodies with exclusive powers under the sovereignty of Morocco”, it added.