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Date of posting : September 23, 2016

Plot Against Moroccan Sahara Disintegrates the Entire Region

The plot against the Moroccan Sahara disintegrates the entire region and makes it a lawlessness area, said, Thursday in Geneva, Director General of the Paris-based Observatory of Geopolitical Studies of Paris (OEG), Charles Saint-Prot.

Presenting at the Swiss Press Club a book entitled “Moroccan Sahara: the case of an artificial conflict,” which he co-directed with other teachers and experts, the French geopolitician stressed that the polisario is one of the elements of this plot which seeks to cause regional destabilization.

He added that this book, written by experts from France, Germany, Spain, Senegal and Morocco shows that this regional dispute continues to be a source of benefits for some States, organizations and other groups that are stuck in the mentality of the Cold War.

Saint-Prot said that the international community must act, without delay, for a lasting settlement of this issue on the basis of the only realistic and credible solution, which is the autonomy initiative, presented by Morocco.

“It is urgent to find a solution to this issue at a time when entire states collapse in the region, leaving the field open to terrorists and separatists”, he said.