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Date of posting : February 8, 2017

Portugal Congratulates Morocco on Reintegration into the African Union

The Portuguese government congratulated Morocco on its reintegration into the African Union (AU), the Portuguese news agency Lusa reported.

Portugal’s foreign minister, Augusto Santos Silva, expressed his country’s satisfaction with the return of Morocco to the Pan-African organization, Lusa said.

The reintegration of Morocco is “an important step towards the full representativeness of the AU, which is the voice of the African continent,” he said.

“The important work that the Kingdom of Morocco has done to promote the development of Africa will undoubtedly be a major contribution which will enable the African Union to assert itself as a source of solutions for the African continent and as a privileged interlocutor of all the partners wishing to cooperate for the same purpose,” Santos Silva underlined.

The Portuguese top diplomat reiterated his country’s “commitment” to deepen the excellent relations with Morocco and to strengthen dialogue on African issues.

An overwhelming majority of African countries on Monday voted in favor of Morocco’s return to the African Union (AU), at the 28th Summit of African Heads of State and Government held in Addis Ababa.