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Date of posting : July 1, 2018

Serbian President Reiterates his Country’s Support for Morocco’s Territorial Integrity

 Speaker of the House of Representatives Habib El Malki was received, Wednesday in Belgrade, by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who reaffirmed his country’s support for Morocco’s territorial integrity.

During this meeting, also attended by the Moroccan ambassador to Serbia, Mohamed Amine Belhaj, the Serbian President reiterated his country’s support for Morocco’s territorial integrity. He added that he aspires to give new impetus to the economic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Serbia to raise them to the level of the political ties linking the two countries.

The Serbian head of State stressed that his country would continue to support Morocco’s territorial integrity, noting that he has great esteem and consideration for Morocco, under HM King Mohammed VI’s leadership. In this respect, he reiterated his gratitude to the Sovereign’s determination to promote Moroccan-Serbian relations.

Serbia is keen to do much more for the consolidation of its relations with Morocco, as well as the coordination and convergence of the two countries’ stances regarding many regional and international issues, he said.

Pres. Vucic praised the dynamic in the relations between the Moroccan House of Representatives and the Serbian National Assembly (Parliament), reinforced by the signing of a cooperation agreement between the two legislative bodies.

On his turn, Habib El Malki expressed to the Serbian President his gratitude for supporting Morocco’s territorial integrity, noting that the kingdom highly values his country’s position. He also commended the historical depth of Moroccan-Serbian relations.

The speaker of the House of Representatives recalled Morocco’s support for Serbia’s territorial integrity, noting that the reforms undertaken by this country strengthen its ambitions to accede to the European Union, its regional status, and its role in promoting peace in the region.

He also reviewed Morocco’s positions and its role in settling various regional and international conflicts through dialogue, and in support of stability and peace.

El Malki started an official visit to Serbia, on Tuesday, at the invitation of president of the Serbian National Assembly, Maja Gojkovic. During his stay in this southeastern European country, El Malki will hold talks with several parliamentary and government officials.