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Date of posting : October 11, 2016

Sierra Leone Supports ‘Credible’ Autonomy, Praises Morocco’s ‘Significant’ Development Efforts in Sahara

Sierra Leone on Monday expressed its support to the “credible” autonomy initiative presented by Morocco to settle the artificial dispute over the Sahara, hailing the “significant” development efforts in the Sahara region.

“Sierra Leone supports the Moroccan autonomy initiative, which we deem credible,” Adikali Sumah, Permanent Representative of Sierra Leone to the United Nations, said before the 4th Commission of the UN General Assembly.

 For Sumah, a political solution to this regional dispute and enhanced cooperation between the countries of the Arab Maghreb Union will contribute to promote stability and security in the Sahel region.

 “In particular, we appreciate Morocco’s cooperation with the UNSG Personal Envoy, Christopher Ross, who has paid several visits to the region since last year”, the Sierra Leonean diplomat said.