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Date of posting : March 7, 2017

Spain Lauds Morocco’s Unilateral Withdrawal from Guerguerat Region

The Spanish government lauded the official announcement, made by Morocco on Sunday, of an immediate unilateral withdrawal from the Guerguerat region.

In a statement by the Spanish Foreign Ministry, Madrid called on the other parties to “immediately” withdraw from the said region, in response to the request of the UN Secretary-General.

The Spanish government expressed its support for the UN Secretary-General’s appeal, on Saturday, to the parties “to show the utmost restraint to avoid escalation, so as to allow the resumption of dialogue as part of the political process led by the UN,” the statement said.

“The Spanish government hopes that contacts will soon resume on the initiative of the UN Secretary-General to move towards a lasting and mutually acceptable political solution” to the Sahara issue, the same source added.