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Date of posting : December 27, 2016

Spanish expert : Polisario, Sclerotic Entity Having Nothing to Do with Democracy

Polisario is a sclerotic entity that has nothing to do with democracy and claims the right to represent the Saharawis living under its yoke in Tindouf, southwestern Algerian, while systematically violating their rights, writes Spanish writer and journalist Chema Gil.

This attitude, which is typical of dictatorial regimes, is not a fact of the past, but is going on before the eyes of the international community in Tindouf camps, which have become a lawless territory, the security and terrorism expert said in an analysis published Monday on the website “Con acento marroqui”.

For Gil, a member of the International Security Observatory, the polisario needs to maintain the status quo in the artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara to preserve the benefits of its leaders.

In this analysis, Gil recalled that Polisario leaders have lived for forty years of this conflict created from scratch, exploiting the sufferings of the people held against their will in Tindouf camps.

“Corruption is commonplace in the separatist organization, which does everything to maintain the status quo, without which it will have no reason to exist and will be doomed to disappear”, he said.