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Date of posting : January 27, 2017

Sudan Supports Morocco’s Return to African Union

Sudan reiterated, on Wednesday in Addis-Ababa, its support for Morocco’s return to the African Union (AU).

During the 30th ordinary session of the African Union’s Executive Council, Sudanese Foreign Minister, Ibrahim Ghandour, told the press, “We have expressed the support of our country to Morocco’s return.”

“We forwarded this support, in writing, to the AU commission on instructions from the Sudanese President,” he continued. “We have always called for the return of Morocco to the AU,” said the minister, stressing that “Morocco will be at home within the AU.”

Morocco’s Committee of Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Islamic Affairs and Moroccans Living Abroad, , unanimously adopted last week the bill approving the Constitutive Act of the AU in the House of Representatives.

Morocco World News reported on Wednesday that Morocco has officially notified the countries constituting the Commission of the AU of this development.

Earlier this month, Morocco’s Foreign Affairs and Cooperation minister, Salaheddine Mezouar said during the meeting of the House of Representatives’ committee that “40 countries are supporting Morocco’s return to the AU.”

Mezouar went on to add that “Morocco carried out a wide international campaign to receive massive support,” further noting that “Morocco has reached the needed quorum, which is 28 countries as is stipulated in the Constitutive Act of the AU.”