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Date of posting : May 3, 2017

UNSC Welcomes Role of CNDH Regional Commissions in Dakhla, Laayoune

The UN Security Council (UNSC) on Friday welcomed the role of the regional Commissions of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) in Dakhla and Laayoune, as well as Morocco’s interaction with the Special Procedures of the UN Human Rights Council.

In its resolution 2351, extending the mandate of the MINURSO by one year until April 30th, 2018 and adopted unanimously, the Security Council “welcomes the recent measures and initiatives taken by Morocco and the role played by the Commissions of the National Council for Human Rights operating in Dakhla and Laayoune.”

In this context, the resolution called for the resumption of cooperation with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the implementation of confidence-building measures and encouraged the parties to consider other appropriate confidence-building measures.

The Council also called for the re-launching of negotiations on the Moroccan Sahara, stressing that “realism” and the “spirit of compromise” are “essential” to move the negotiating process forward.

It emphasized the importance of “the commitment of the parties to continue the process of preparing a fifth round of negotiations”, noting that “realism and the spirit of compromise by the parties are essential to move forward in the negotiations.”